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From:Peter Lovatt Date:July 29 2003 8:43am
Subject:RE: Category System schema
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you need at least 3 fields


CategoryID is the key, and identifies the category
ParentID is the CategoryID of the parent category
Name is the category name

When you add a sub category you set its ParentID to the CategoryID 

To show all sub categories of CategoryID 99

SELECT * FROM table WHERE ParentID = "99"



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From: Alex Pilson [mailto:alex@stripped]
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Subject: Category System schema

Does anyone know the best schema to achieve a multi-level category system?

I need a person to be able to add categories on the fly, but then 
also specify sub categories and even possibly sub-categories of 
sub-cats. I have found two possible ways inside one table with using 
parentID, groupID, etc. But the issue I am now running into is that I 
have to sort on groupID to get the items to "group" correctly when 
showing in a HTML drop down list. Which means I can't sort 
alphabetically. If I do the order is not right...using Lasso 6 with 
some looping code to indent the subs in the list. On top of that I 
would also like the ability to assign a priority field for listing in 
that order as well. There has to be some kind of solution to this 
that I don't see.

Any ideas? Thanks!
     Alex Pilson
     FlagShip Interactive, Inc.

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