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From:Ed Carp Date:April 6 1999 3:21pm
Subject:Re: Table corruption..
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>I am currently running mySQL (linux) ver. 3.22.16a-gamma.. and it seems
>nearly daily I have at least one table corrupted.. I run isamchk -r and all
>is well again.. but why is this happening? I know I havent given much
>detail, but if someone would be so kind as to give pointers, I'll be happy
>to provide whatever info I can.. I get various errors regaurding the table
>corruption, sometimes it's something like "Table hander returned error
>135".. othertimes we catch it via a cron job of isamchk -s *.ISM...

You might want to consider upgrading - as I recall, there was a obscure bug
in .17 or thereabouts that would do weird things like corrupt tables.  You
also might want to check the latest documentation for fixes and stuff to the
latest version before you post.  Try - this should always give you
the latest changes.

I'm running 3.22.19a 24 hours a day and have never seen corruption problems.
By the way, you *do* take the database server down before you run isamchk,

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