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From:Boris Villazon Date:July 25 2003 4:10pm
Subject:Replication process?
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First at all ... sorry for my poor english.

I have the following process:

I have a Primary PC that acquires data from an external device. This data is stored in a
local database.
This external device is sending information all the time.

There is a Secondary PC that copies the data from the Primary PC database.  There is
another database in the secondary pc.  I have to do this with longer time intervals.

I want to:

The secondary pc copies only the new incoming data from primary pc database.

When the secondary pc copies the data, the primary pc has to delete all these copied
records (in the local database).

This process has to be repeated continusly.

Could I use replication technique to achieve this process? If yes, How can I make this
with replication technique?
Or Is there another posibility to handle this process (I mean automatic posibility)?

Thanks in advance and best regards

Replication process?Boris Villazon26 Jul
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