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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 29 1999 4:17am
Subject:Re: GRANT from the commandline
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At 8:35 PM -0500 9/28/99, Robert Canary wrote:
>Oh, BTW, this Mysql 3.21.30

That makes a difference.  GRANT didn't become functional until 3.22.11.

>I have taken this commandline pretty much right from the docs, but I
>can't get it to work:  I am logged in as root when I start the mysql
>mysql> connect mysql
>Connection id:    125
>Current database: mysql
>mysql> GRANT ALL ON dummy TO dummydmin@"%" IDENTIFIED BY 'dummypassword'
>ERROR 1064: parse error near '@"%" IDENTIFIED BY 'ispadmin' WITH GRANT
>OPTION' at line 1
>Any suggestion ?
>thanks in advance ;-)
>robert canary
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