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From:mos Date:July 24 2003 8:28pm
Subject:Re: SQL Help...
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At 02:52 PM 7/24/2003, you wrote:
>After some searching around different books/manuals/google I still can't
>seem to figure out how do to this. What I have is a table with 4 cols
>(task, resource, department, priority) and what I want to do is be able to
>select distinct resources and list what their highest priority is.
>In other words, if a resource is in a high priority task and a low
>priority task, I only want to show the high priority task.
>Thanks for the help!

         You mean something like this:

select resource, Max(Concat(priority, '=', Resource)) ResourcePriority 
group by Resource

This will work with priority 1 through 9.


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