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From:Paul DuBois Date:July 24 2003 5:31am
Subject:Re: Bookmarks
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At 7:04 +0500 7/24/03, Shahid M. Syed wrote:
>  > At 8:45 +0500 7/23/03, Shahid M. Syed wrote:
>>  >Hello
>>  >
>>  >Does any version (production or future) of mysql supports Bookmarks?
>>  What is "Bookmark" capability in a database context?
>You can use the Bookmark property to set a bookmark (Bookmark: A property of
>a Recordset object or a form that contains a binary string identifying the
>current record.) that uniquely identifies a particular record in the form's
>underlying table, query, or SQL statement. Read/write Variant.
>In VB6, I can read a bookmark in a variant like
>varBookmark = rsName.Bookmark
>Where varBookmark is a variant and rsName is a adodb recordset.
>Later I can go back to the same record by
>rsName.Bookmark = varBookmark

This sounds like a client-side mechanism, not a capability of the
database server.

>In ASP, I'm trying to come up with a better solution where there is too much
>data in recordset to display at once in a web page. Exactly like when you
>search on Yahoo and at bottom its gives links like: Next, Next 10 and also
>page links like 1,2,3.... 14.

LIMIT may help you here.  You can use it to have the server send you
a small section of the records selected by a query.

>If you know any other or better way for doing this, please let me know.

Paul DuBois, Senior Technical Writer
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Are you MySQL certified?

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