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From:mos Date:July 23 2003 2:27pm
Subject:Is it possible to protect MySQL database on a Win2k laptop?
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I want to put a MySQL 4.1 database on a Win2k laptop but the problem is it 
contains confidential client information. It has to be Window because 
applications accessing the database are written in Windows.

The problem is laptops do get stolen quite often, even when running on 
someone's unattended desk. Most security chains can be cut with a small 
pair of bolt cutters. I have to convince my boss that if the laptop 
disappears it won't put the company out of business, and me out of a job.<g>

Is it possible to secure the MySQL database on the laptop so if it does get 
stolen, the information is safe? The password security of Win2k can be 
easily bypassed by hacking tools so I can't rely on the security of the OS.

  I could encrypt some of the columns but how does this affect the indexes? 
I need to use "select custname, col2, col3 from table where custname like 
'smith% order by custname'. How would encrypting individual columns affect 
the use of indexes and sort orders? Are the indexes bypassed? There would 
be millions of rows of data in the table so I still need to use indexes on 
these encrypted columns both for searching and for sorting.

Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed? TIA.


Is it possible to protect MySQL database on a Win2k laptop?mos23 Jul