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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 28 1999 11:15pm
Subject:Re: Weird ROUND behaviour
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>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Ruby <stever@stripped> writes:

>> > >Why doesn't the ROUND function work like it says in the manual? The
> manual
>> > >says:
>> > >

>> The expected behaviour for ROUND(), as I see it, would be to round
>> toward the nearest integer number:
>> ROUND(-1.9) --> -2
>> ROUND(-1.1) --> -1
>> ROUND(0.1)  -->  1     <--------  I assume you mean 0 here ?
>> ROUND(0.9)  -->  2

Steve> this is somewhat disturbing. I imagine that TCX will consdier it a bug
Steve> though, they
Steve> have made efforts to make the functionality of the win and UNIX version
Steve> as close
Steve> as possible.  The way the unix round works seems reasonable to me, but
Steve> the win
Steve> one is kind of disturbing it always goes for the next higher int

Steve> round(0.0000000001) = 1     ouch


I just found a bug in our win32 implementation of rint() that causes
round() to not round to the nearest integer.

I will fix this for the next MySQL-Win32 version.

This will solve everything, except the problem with rounding of x.5 ;
This will always be rounded downwards.  (Sorry, but I don't know how
to fix this on easily on Win32)

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