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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 28 1999 10:44pm
Subject:Re: Limiting Database Size
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>>>>> "Chris" == Chris  <chris@stripped> writes:

Chris> Okay - thanks - I was about to implement this with group quota limits
Chris> forced on the database directories... but this will have the same bad
Chris> effect when the database fills up...

Chris> Can inserts/updates be timed out if waiting too long for a lock...?

No, but you can easily patch MySQL to give an error in case of 'full
disk' instead of waiting for free space...


Add at start of mysys/my_write.c

MyFlags&= ~ MY_WAIT_IF_FULL;


Chris> Cheers

Chris> Chris

Chris> Scott Hess wrote:
>> Monty!  Do you want it on your conscience when this guy hurts himself?
>> If you were tempted to put the database directory on a 50M partition, make
>> sure you fully understand what happens when that partition fills up.  My
>> experience with MYSQL indicates that you'll lose access to all tables on
>> that partition.  "Lose access" == the tables will still be there, you just
>> won't be able to access them, because there will soon be a gaggle of
>> threads with write locks on those tables, not succeeding, and spinning
>> waiting for some free space to appear.  Every table that a write goes to
>> will then become unavailable for reading.
>> BTW, if you can't free some space on that partition, your life is going to
>> suck, big time :-).
>> Later,
>> scott
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>> > >>>>> "Chris" == Chris Panayis <chris@stripped>
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>> > Chris> Hello - Is it possible to limit the disk space size of different
>> > Chris> database from within mysql? ie. not allow a particular database
> to
>> grow
>> > Chris> to larger then say 50 MBytes?
>> >
>> > Hi!
>> >
>> > Sorry, no.
>> >
>> > You can of course do this by linking the database directory to a
>> > partition that has only 50 M
>> >
>> > Regards,
>> > Monty
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