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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 28 1999 10:42pm
Subject:Re: Limiting Database Size
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>>>>> "Scott" == Scott Hess <scott@stripped> writes:

Scott> Monty!  Do you want it on your conscience when this guy hurts himself?
Scott> If you were tempted to put the database directory on a 50M partition, make
Scott> sure you fully understand what happens when that partition fills up.  My
Scott> experience with MYSQL indicates that you'll lose access to all tables on
Scott> that partition.  "Lose access" == the tables will still be there, you just
Scott> won't be able to access them, because there will soon be a gaggle of
Scott> threads with write locks on those tables, not succeeding, and spinning
Scott> waiting for some free space to appear.  Every table that a write goes to
Scott> will then become unavailable for reading.

Scott> BTW, if you can't free some space on that partition, your life is going to
Scott> suck, big time :-).

Scott> Later,
Scott> scott


One would of course have to disable the 'wait for space' feature of
MySQL if one wants to do this.

Note that only access to the 'full' table will be 'lost'.  All other
tables should work as normal.

The main problem is that there isn't any way in MySQL to set a max
size for a database (one can internally set a max size for a table).

One could however add support for the above with not too much work if
someone would really need this..


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