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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 28 1999 10:06pm
Subject:RE: Error found on my_error.c
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>>>>> "Narvaez," == Narvaez, Teresa <Teresa.Narvaez@stripped>
> writes:

Narvaez,> Hello,
Narvaez,> 	Thanks for your reply. 	This is the program I wrote to test 
Narvaez,> that va_arg compiles.  I kept it simple because I just wanted to 
Narvaez,> prove that gcc will be able to compile it.   
Narvaez,> 	I looked into my gcc-lib and did find 'stdarg.h'.  What could
Narvaez,> be the problem? This error keeps coming up. 

Narvaez,> Thank you, Teresa

Narvaez,> 	gcc -o testhash testhash.o libmysys.a ../dbug/libdbug.a
Narvaez,> ../strings/libmystrings.a -l
Narvaez,> 	m -lpthread -lmach -lexc -lc
Narvaez,> 	collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
Narvaez,> 	/bin/ld:
Narvaez,> 	Unresolved:
Narvaez,> 	__builtin_va_start
Narvaez,> 	*** Exit 1
Narvaez,> 	Stop.

Narvaez,> ===== beginning of program 

Narvaez,> #include<stdio.h>
Narvaez,> #include<varargs.h>

Narvaez,> main()
Narvaez,> {
Narvaez,>   char     *par;
Narvaez,>   int      index=0;
Narvaez,>   va_list  ap;

Narvaez,>   va_start(ap);

Narvaez,>   par = va_arg(ap, char *);
Narvaez,>   fprintf(stderr,"\npar =  %s\n\n",par);

Narvaez,>   va_end(ap);

Narvaez,> } /* main */


Note that the above does only test varargs (the old interface) and not 
the newer interface, stdarg, that MySQL uses!

Could you try again, but with the following program:


int foo(int nr,...)
  char     *par;
  int      index=0;
  va_list  ap;


  par = va_arg(ap, char *);
  fprintf(stderr,"\npar =  %s\n\n",par);


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