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From:Nate Dawg Date:July 21 2003 5:55am
Subject:Newbie question -- PHP document
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Thanks for the help with my first question. using the USE mysql command did
the trick.

The book I am reading (
PHP & MySQL for Dummies  has a CD Rom with several PHP files. One is called
mysql_send.php. Book says " The program mysql_send.php has one simple
function: to execute queries and display the results. Copy the program from
the CD into the directory where you are developing your web application,
change the information  in lines 11-13 and point your browser at the

Ok so the mysql_send.php loads great. ( Apache 2 is the web server the file
is in the htdocs folder. ) But when I try to run any command I get no

Other php pages work.

Please take a look.

The first one just verifies the MySQL database is up.


If anyone can tell me ( or point me in the correct direction ) why the
mysql_send.php does not respond to anything I do I wouldappreciate it.

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