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From:Dan Nelson Date:July 17 2003 3:16am
Subject:Re: MYI file difference
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In the last episode (Jul 16), DePhillips, Michael P said:
> To be a bit clearer,
> should the MYI index files betweened two slaves of a mirrored
> database be different?
> I would think they would be identical, right?

If both master and slave are set up identically, then theoretically
they should be identical, but if you ever optimized/analyzed one side
and not the other, or there were somehow two updates that got applied
to the slave in a different order from the master, the indexes could
have a completely different physical layout, while remaining logically
identical for the purposes of record lookup.

It could even be as simple as a "last-updated" timestamp in the index
header, or some bit of uninitialized data in an unused index block
causing your difference.

	Dan Nelson
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