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From:Michael P DePhillips Date:July 17 2003 1:58am
Subject:RE: MYI file difference
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To be a bit clearer,

should the MYI index files betweened two slaves of a mirrored database be

I would think they would be identical, right?

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Subject: MYI file difference

Hi All,


I tarred up the data directory from mirror1 data base - slave. Copied
tarball to mirror2 with the hopes of rebuilding mirror2 - another slave.
Backed up the data directory from mirror2 into old and untarred mirror1


Then I did a diff -r against another mirror and the diff came back with 


Binary files old/blahblahblah.MYI and data/blahblahblah.MYI differ,


For all the .MYI files.


Any insight as to why these indexes are different?




MYI file differenceMichael P DePhillips17 Jul
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