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From:Thimble Smith Date:September 28 1999 6:08pm
Subject:Re: Weird ROUND behaviour
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At 17:04, 19990928, Martin Ramsch wrote:
>In my opinion, MySQL should ensure a well-defined behaviour of ROUND()
>regardless of the underlying system!

In my opinion, you shouldn't use ROUND if you need well-defined behaviour.
You can use CEILING, FLOOR and TRUNCATE to get what you really want.  But
I do think it's a bug for the manual to not mention that ROUND is less-
than-reliable (depending on your needs).

I could be convinced that ROUND should be made consistent, maybe.  This
was hashed over at some length (I'm not sure anything really came out
of it, though) last year at about this time:

That discussion did NOT mention OS differences, though.

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