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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 1 1970 12:00am
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>>>>> "Silver" == Silver CHEN <sansil@stripped> writes:

Silver> Dear Sir:
Silver>   I have a simple question about the client program design.

Silver>   If I have an login authetication database for some topic, and
Silver>   some relative C programs included.

Silver>   My problem is, should I connect-query-free-disconnect for each
Silver>   authetication process, or just to check the connection first, and
Silver>   re-connect only if the connection is lost?

Silver>   I don't understand the inside story, but I do know that there is
Silver>   something called 'presistent connection' for frequent database
Silver>   activities.

Silver>   If the latter method is used, then where is the 'connection' when
Silver>   one process exit? and how the new process use/know the 'presistent'
Silver>   connection handle?

Silver>   Thanks for your help, if I made something wrong, please tell me.


If you need more speed, you should use the same connection.

By using the 'ping' command before starting a new authentication, you
can automaticly reconnect if your connection goes down!

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