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From:Taylor Lewick Date:July 11 2003 3:33pm
Subject:RE: What's up with this GATOR crap?
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Yes and think before you type,  "I may have to consider using another database."
That shows real maturity.  First of all if you are really that important of a customer and
have the ability to influence your organizations database useage decisions, and if this
really angered you off that bad, then you would contact MySQL directly, and voice your
concerns with them.  Second, if you are just a small site, or a one guy shop, or something
like that, then you threatening to end the use of thier product is really going ot have
them reeling.  Finally, no one on the lists cares.

Next time try this.  Hey all, I have noticed everytime I point my browser at a mysql site
I get gaterware popups and stuff.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Is it something
intentional done by MySQL or just a site the software likes.  Anyone know of a good way to
remove this software.  Its just really annoying.  Thanks...

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