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From:Rudy Metzger Date:July 11 2003 9:49am
Subject:RE: 2 or more LEFT JOIN?
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FROM table1
LEFT JOIN table2 ON table1.column = table2.column
LEFT JOIN table3 ON table1.column = table3.column

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From: Krasimir_Slaveykov [mailto:krasi@stripped] 
Sent: donderdag 10 juli 2003 16:07
To: mysql@stripped
Subject: 2 or more LEFT JOIN?

Hello mysql,

If I have one main table - Tab1 and 2 or more tables wich are related
with Tab1, but Tab2 possibly will have records for each in Tab1 ot
possibly not. Tab3-too.
So I need to join Tab1 with Tab2 with LEFT JOIN and Tab1 with Tab3 -
with LEFT JOIN too.
Is that possible? ... and if YES  ... how to write in SQL statement?

Best regards,
 Krasimir_Slaveykov                          mailto:krasi@stripped

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