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From:Interway Christoph Date:July 10 2003 3:21pm
Subject:connect with 'localhost' to a '%' host entry fails with mysql 4.0.13
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I have several users in my mysql table, with a % entry as host value. With
MySQL 3.x it worked liked a charm when connection from remote (any IP)
and/or localhost.
But now with MySQL 4.0.13 every connection from "localhost" gets refused
when using '%' or ' '
Is this a feature or a bug in this MySQL Version?

Thanks for help

p.s. I tried it on two different servers, both times the same result, while
with all the old 3.x servers around there is no problem with that.

connect with 'localhost' to a '%' host entry fails with mysql 4.0.13Interway Christoph10 Jul