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From:vernon Date:July 10 2003 3:15pm
Subject:Left Join - Revisted
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Previously I've asked questions in reagrds to this matter and thought I had 
resolved this issue only to discover that it is not working as thought.

I am trying to create a Friend's Online list that displays the number of 
friends in a members friend's list, with the exception of when the other 
person blocks that user as being a friend.

Here I select the DISTINCT user name from the user's online table 
(useronline.uname) and select the other fields needed:

SELECT distinct useronline.uname, penpals_fav.fav_user_id, penpals_fav.ID, 

Next I select the tables needed and create the left join from the blocked 
users table (penpals_privmsgs_block) where the user id matches:

FROM useronline, penpals_fav left join penpals_privmsgs_block ON 
penpals_fav.user_id = penpals_privmsgs_block.user_id

Then I match up the user in friend's online table (penpals_fav.user_id = 
$useridsession) to get friends online (penpals_fav.fav_user_name = 
useronline.uname) but only if the value in the blocked id field is null
(penpals_privmsgs_block.blocked_id IS NULL).

WHERE penpals_fav.user_id = $useridsession AND penpals_fav.fav_user_name = 
useronline.uname AND penpals_privmsgs_block.blocked_id IS NULL

The problem with all this is if the user has one blocked user it takes that 
value it joins it in every returned record. Here is a saple of the returned 

User Name    UserID  ID   BlockedUserID
onlineuser1  2557    105  3807
onlineuser2  3400    170  3807
onlineuser3  1502    188  3807
onlineuser4  3807    199  3807

Notice that the blocked user id is 3807, but that is only one record and now 
it is added to the end of each record and therefore no records are actually 
returned beacuse of the IS NULL command.

What am I do wrong?

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