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From:Krasimir_Slaveykov Date:July 10 2003 6:03am
Subject:Re: Can mysql handle this load?
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Hello Adam,

Wednesday, July 09, 2003, 4:46:40 PM, you wrote:

AG> I am writing an attendance system in php for my school. We have a 
AG> little less then 1000 students. For every day of the school year one 
AG> record will be entered into a table for each student representing their 
AG> attendance status (present, absent, late, etc...). I also have several 
AG> other supporting tables for relationships. When it comes to reporting 
AG> and querying this DB I am worried that it will very quickly become very 
AG> large and slow. Can mysql handle this? Are there any techniques to 
AG> speed it up? I will trying indexing major columns.

AG> I have also considered keeping all previous days attendance in a 
AG> separate table from the current days attendance and moving things over 
AG> in the middle of the night. This way any operations on the current days 
AG> data will go quickly, but reports on long term things will still be 
AG> slow. Good idea?

AG> Thanks,
AG> Adam

I think that you are worried for nothing. First of all your database
seems to be small - less than half million records.
The main think that you have to do is to organize your indexes
correctly. I mean this: for good performance and high speed working of
yor database you must have indexes on every field wich you will use in
WHERE clauses or other conditions in your SQL's.

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AG> Columbia Grammar and Prep School
AG> 212-749-6200
AG> agerson@stripped

Best regards,
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