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From:Rudy Metzger Date:July 9 2003 3:04pm
Subject:RE: mysqld max
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Please note that InnoDB is included as from MySQL 4.0 in the "standard"
release. So the easiest way to use InnoDB would be to grab a RPM or
binary distribution and install it on your system. No need to compile
one yourself then.

However, if for some reasons you must have 3.x or are on a not supported
system, above answer does of course not apply (but I still would use 4.0
even if you have to compile it yourself)


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From: azamka [mailto:azamka@stripped] 
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Subject: mysqld max

Hi I am trying to make mysqld max so i can create innodb tables but I am

getting the following error when i run mysqld

No Variable Match for: -0 'innodb_buffer_pool_size = 40M'
./mysqld version 3.23.56 for pc-linux on i686

I am unable to figure out what to do. This shows that it reads the
my.cnf file 
but how can I get rid off this error??. My computer have just 64MB ram.
Do u 
think that less ram is causing this error??. Please help


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