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From:Bruce Feist Date:July 9 2003 2:36pm
Subject:Re: left join help
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Rick Pasotto wrote:

>One of these days I will maybe understand...
A "left join" (t1 LEFT JOIN t2 ON <condition>) is defined as follows.
For each row in t1, find all matching rows in t2 and return the 
combination of t1 and t2 found.  If there are no t2s for a t1, leave the 
t2 values NULL in the result.


  FROM (history h LEFT JOIN members m ON h.member_id = LEFT JOIN 
activity a ON h.activity =
  WHERE = <whatever.>;

Bruce Feist

>create table members (
>	id unsigned int autoincrement,
>	name
>create table activity (
>	id unsigned int autoincrement,
>	description
>create table history (
>	id unsigned in autoincrement,
>	date date,
>	member_id unsigned int,
>	activity unsigned int
>What I need:
>	1) only records for a particular date
>	2) there should be at least one record for each activity
>	3) there may be multiples of the same activity on a given date
>	4) there may be multiples of the same member on a given date
>	5) not all members will be listed
>	6) the result field may be NULL
>SELECT, activity.description,

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