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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 28 1999 9:28am
Subject:MySQL 3.23.4 released
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The most important fix in this version is the SUM() fix. If you have
problems with that sum doesn't work at all in your 3.23 version, you
should upgrade!

Another new thing is that with the include files in this version,
it's possible to fix that MyODBC doesn't have to depend on the source
version of MySQL but can be directly linked with libmysqlclient. We
are now working on a new MyODBC version that does exactly that.

As always;  It may take a short time until our mirrors are up to date!

Changes in release 3.23.4

   * Inserting a `DATETIME' into a `TIME' column will not anymore try
     to store 'days' in it.

   * Fixed problem with storage of float/double on low endian machines.
     (This affected `SUM()'.)

   * Added connect timeout on TCP/IP connections.

   * Fixed problem with `LIKE' "%" on a index that may have `NULL'

   * `REVOKE ALL PRIVILEGES' didn't revoke all privileges.

   * Allow creation of temporary tables with same name as the original

   * When granting a user a grant option for a database, he couldn't
     grant privileges to other users.

   * New command: `SHOW GRANTS FOR user' (by Sinisa).

   * New `date_add' syntax:  `date/datetime + INTERVAL # interval_type'.
     By Joshua Chamas.

   * Fixed privilege check for `LOAD DATA REPLACE'.

   * Automatic fixing of broken include files on Solaris 2.7

   * Some configure issues to fix problems with big file system

   * `REGEXP' is now case insensitive if you use not binary strings.

MySQL 3.23.4 releasedMichael Widenius28 Sep