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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 1 1970 12:00am
Subject:multiple server problems....
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>>>>> "Jason" == Jason W <jwatkins@stripped> writes:

Jason> I have a few questions about running  mySQL 
Jason> with multiple servers using the same NFS 
Jason> mounted data.   I have read the mailing list 
Jason> archives about this subject but I still have 
Jason> a few questions that need answered.  

Jason> We are running Solaris 2.6 servers using a 
Jason> NetApp filer for storage.  I'm using mySQL 
Jason> to authenticate,  and log accounting info with 
Jason> Radiator Radius (currently in testing phase)  
Jason> I have noticed  extreme slowness (unusable) 
Jason> when  Radiator inserts accounting, and 
Jason> session  data.  Is this to be expected??  

With NFS you will get a lot of problems because of the lockd daemon!
Under heavy load, you will pay a performance penalty of at least 500 %

Jason> Is anyone doing this that could give me
Jason> info about what kind of performance they 
Jason> are experiencing?  The reason why I want 
Jason> to do this across multiple servers using the 
Jason> same database is because of redundancy, 
Jason> having one fast server would be nice, but if
Jason> it dies our users cannot access their service.  

In this case it's better to synchronize servers with the update log
and swap servers if the main server dies.

Jason> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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