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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 27 1999 10:51am
Subject:Help: Choosing PostgreSQL vs MySQL
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>>>>> "Simon" == Simon Kwan <s_kwan@stripped> writes:

Simon> Hi greeting,
Simon>   I am new to Linux.
Simon>   Appreciate advise and comment on choosing between PosytgreSQL vs. MySQL.
Simon> Both to be run under Linux.  How does these two database compare with MS SQL
Simon> 7.0?

Postgres has a couple of 'heavy' functions that MySQL doesn't have
(transactions and sub selects). MySQL is much faster and
implements more of the ANSI SQL and ODBC SQL functions than PostgreSQL.

Previously MySQL has been more stable than PostgreSQL, but I have
heard that a lot of the early problems is fixed in the latest
PostgreSQL versions.

MySQL support is however less expensive that PostgreSQL support :)

You can find some information at:

Simon>  There are two options to configure the data base,
Simon> a) The data base will have a few million rows, each row is about 100 bytes.
Simon> One of the column (field) will be a pathname (filename) to index to an
Simon> external files for storing images. Each image belongs to a particular row
Simon> and image is 3 to 20 kb (variable size jepg files).

Simon> b) same as the about, but the image will be stored as one filed in the data
Simon> base. In this case, the data base will be much larger and wonder if it is
Simon> size is okay (speed, capacity, etc...)

Both designs are quite ok.  The first will be faster if you are not
using lookups on key and its easier to update the images by another
program if needed.  The second is easir to manage.

On third option is to save all images in a separate table and only
have a key from the first table to an index in the image table.  I
would prefer this option to your b option as this gives you the best
of both words.

Help: Choosing PostgreSQL vs MySQLSimon Kwan27 Sep
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