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From:Daevid Vincent Date:April 6 1999 4:34am
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I tried to execute the bencmarks for mySQL, but they don't seem to work for me?

[root=ttyp1]# ./run-all-tests --server=mysql --cmp=mysql,pg,solid --log
Warning: Can't execute ATIS.  Check the file
Warning: Can't execute alter-table.  Check the file
Warning: Can't execute big-tables.  Check the file
Warning: Can't execute connect.  Check the file
Warning: Can't execute create.  Check the file
Warning: Can't execute insert.  Check the file
Warning: Can't execute select.  Check the file
Warning: Can't execute wisconsin.  Check the file
Test finished. You can find the result in:

I'm really interested in knowing how many queries per second I can perform?

what are the factors involoved?
I have a PII-333 w/64MB RAM and SCSI drive.
Let's say the database will have 30 VARCHAR fields and I'll be searching on an
INDEX with no other joins...

Is there a way for me to calculate this or a chart somewhere?
It would be great if your benchmark suite had tests like this in it...

Perhaps a way that I could create a test database using the same format and such
as the real database and just have some program pound on it to give me some
"benchmark" of what I could expect...

Also, thinking long term how do I load-ballance across multiple machines... I
don't need anything elaborate in the way of a description right now, but some
reassurance that it can be done.  I'm talking concievable 100 Million records
being accessed per DAY! (can mySQL handle that kind of load)?

oh yeah, it would be helpful if you had a "real world" users page -- where they
describe their computer and the databases and what benchmarks they're getting,
etc... so other's would know what to expect.

ÐÆ5IÐ         What is

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