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From:<nospam Date:June 25 2003 4:13pm
Subject:SHOW DATABASES user rights
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I have a MySQL server running with some users besides root, that I want to grant all
privileges for their own databases, but no rights for anything else.
So to say, I have a user web01 that shall be able to do whatever he wants with the
database db01. There are more databases, like db02 etc.
If user web01 runs a 'SHOW DATABASES' command, he'll get to see ALL databases on the
server, but I don't want him to see them... When the user does a 'USE <dbname>;', it
says 'access denied'. There must be some special trick to let him only see the database(s)
he's got rights on. (At least my webhoster managed that somehow...)

Anyone an idea what rights I have to assign to get this running?

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