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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 26 1999 11:16pm
Subject:I need a sample...
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>>>>> "Claudimir" == Claudimir Zavalik <sucomp@stripped>
> writes:

Claudimir>         I'm using MySQL on RH Linux...
Claudimir>         I need a example of C program accessing one MySQL databases.
Claudimir>         What include files are needed?
Claudimir>         Where i send a SELECT command from my C program to my MySQL?

Claudimir>         []s
Claudimir>         Claudimir.  From Brazil.


Just download the MySQL source distribution and look at any of the
programs in the 'client' directory!

In particular 'select_test.c' should be a good start!

I need a sample...Claudimir Zavalik26 Sep
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