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From:Ken Menzel Date:June 24 2003 8:44pm
Subject:Searchable docs in french, german, russian etc
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Hi MySQL doc team,
  I have was wondering if a change could be made so that when I browse
the MySQL docs in some selected language there is a search window that
searchs first the language I have currently selected.  The search
always returns the english documentation page even when the page
exists in the language I am browsing!  Browse in french, then use the search and it
returns english!  (Still helpful for me,  but not really ideal, and
the URL seems to include the language as part of the path )
.     And even more, non english language words, like etendre, cannot
be searched at all!  It is  very cool to have the manual in other
languages.  I am making suggestions that should help non english
speakers  (you may already have thought of this and not gotten around
to it yet).

Thanks for the very helpful documentation,  you guys do a fantastic
Ken Menzel  ICQ# 9325188  kenm@stripped

Searchable docs in french, german, russian etcKen Menzel24 Jun