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From:Jason W. Date:April 5 1999 8:46pm
Subject:multiple server problems....
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I have a few questions about running  mySQL 
with multiple servers using the same NFS 
mounted data.   I have read the mailing list 
archives about this subject but I still have 
a few questions that need answered.  

We are running Solaris 2.6 servers using a 
NetApp filer for storage.  I'm using mySQL 
to authenticate,  and log accounting info with 
Radiator Radius (currently in testing phase)  
I have noticed  extreme slowness (unusable) 
when  Radiator inserts accounting, and 
session  data.  Is this to be expected??  
Is anyone doing this that could give me
info about what kind of performance they 
are experiencing?  The reason why I want 
to do this across multiple servers using the 
same database is because of redundancy, 
having one fast server would be nice, but if
it dies our users cannot access their service.  

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Jason Watkins, jwatkins@stripped
I-Land NOC Technician

multiple server problems....Jason W.5 Apr
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