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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 26 1999 12:41pm
Subject:New Win 3.23 version?
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>>>>> "Philip" == Philip Brown <phil@stripped> writes:

Philip> I have just seen that 3.23 supports count(distinct). This would make my life
Philip> *phenomenally* easier for some queries, but my platform is WinNT...

Philip> Is there any information on when we might see Win 3.23? And, is there a
Philip> general release policy for the Windows version after other versions?

We will release a Win 3.23 version as soon as we thing 3.23 is stable
enough.  We plan to do this within 2 weeks.

New Win 3.23 version?Philip Brown26 Sep
  • New Win 3.23 version?Michael Widenius26 Sep