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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 26 1999 12:54am
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>>>>> "Horst" == Horst Reiterer <horst@stripped> writes:

Horst> Hi,
Horst> I have a problem with MySQL on Alpha-Linux as it's not stable and crashes
Horst> all the time. Moreover data-types like blobs don't work.
Horst> I've heard that MySQL version 3.22.25 or higher works stable now, thus I
Horst> tried to get a binary distribution [non-linux-dist-specific] of this version
Horst> but I haven't found any. Does anybody know where to get one for this
Horst> version?
Horst> I got a debian archive but I can't convert it to RPM.

Horst> The source dist doesn'T help because I don't have enough RAM for compilation
Horst> of MySQL.
Horst> All I'd need is a tar of the bin dir of an Alpha-Linux MySQL >= 3.22.25. If
Horst> anybody could send such a tar to me, I'd greatly appreciate that as I'm
Horst> running MySQL on a production server and don't know what else I could try to
Horst> get it running in a stable way!

Horst> Thanks for any help!


Yes, MySQL 3.22.26 should be stable on Alpha, if you have the latest
glibc libraries on it.

How much RAM do you have?   If you compile '' with -O, you
should be able to compile it with very little ram!

If you have disk, its also trivial in Linux to temporary add a swap
partition on a file during compilation of MYSQL.

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