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From:Peter Lovatt Date:June 14 2003 11:14pm
Subject:RE: selecting DISTINCT and COUNT in MySQL
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    COUNT(DISTINCT trEmail ) as clicks
    , trEmail  FROM table
    GROUP BY trEmail
    ORDER BY clicks DESC

    will probably give what you are looking for


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From: Tim Thorburn [mailto:webmaster@stripped]
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To: mysql@stripped
Subject: selecting DISTINCT and COUNT in MySQL


I'm setting up a small tracking program for a site I'm working on -
basically it monitors all external web and email links that are clicked
from our site and stores them into a MySQL database.

Now I'm trying to extract the information from the database and display it
on screen with PHP.  I've made a query which reads:

This clearly selects all the distinct email addresses from my table, but I
would like to put a count beside each of the distinct addresses to show how
many times each link was clicked.

For example, I'd like it to look something like the following:

email address               # sent
fake@stripped              12

Meaning that the email addresses 'fake@stripped' was clicked a total of 12

I'm thinking there should be a way to do this with a single SQL query ...
although after most of the day of trying and searching google - I've come
up with nothing but a headache.

Any thoughts?


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