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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 25 1999 4:03pm
Subject:Re: {mySQL] 2 QUESTIONS
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At 1:33 PM -0500 9/25/99, d e l   d h a n o a wrote:
>I have two questions:
>First, can I use Microsoft Excel to create my database and then import it
>into mySQL?  Do I just use the LOAD DATA command?

You can save a spreadsheet as a text file and load it in with LOAD DATA,

>Second question:
>I am making a database that has different sections (it is a sports
>database).  Each section is based on different sports: baseball,
>basketball, golf, etc.  I will have tonnes and tonnes of data in this
>database, so I thought I should keep things organized.
>Is it best to set up the database with a different table for each sport?
>so that way I will have one table for baseball, one for golf, etc. or is
>there a better way to organize things?

Given that you're likely to store different kinds of information for
each different sport, what would it mean to store everything in a single

>And if I do use this method would it be possible for a user to search the
>database so that the user's query would search ALL the tables?  So if
>someone types in the word "score" that the scores for all the latest golf
>games and baseball games, etc would show up in the results?  If so, how is
>this done in the SELECT statement?

I suspect you should ask whether this even means anything.  Scores for
all sports?  Huh?  How do you report a score for a baseball game (two
teams) against scores for golf (which may have 1 to n players per round).

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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