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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 25 1999 7:32am
Subject:"unknown user" in process list
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>>>>> "Javier" == Javier Vegas <javier@stripped> writes:

Javier> Sometimes when I look in my process list there are some "unknown user
Javier> and host" threads. Most of the 
Javier> time they are not there, sometimes there is one or two, sometimes up to
Javier> seven. Does not seem to be related
Javier> to the number of "known" threads there is. They always appear after
Javier> after the "processes" thread, and they
Javier> go away immediately.
Javier> Is this something I should worry about?

Javier> Thanks,

Javier> Javier Vegas

>> /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqladmin pro

Javier> | 11918 | unknown user | unknown host        |               | Sleep    
Javier> |      | login |                        |
> +-------+--------------+---------------------+---------------+-----------+------+-------+------------------------+


The above means that a user is just about to log in.  He has connect
to MySQL but not yet sent his user name and password.

The above may be and indication that someone is trying to do a
'telnet' to the mysql server, has a client that responds VERY
slowly between connect and login or even someone that is trying to
break into MySQL with a program that tries passwords.

You can check the last option by doing:

(/my/monty/sql) mysqladmin extended-status

If the variable: 'Aborted_connects' is high, then you may have a
problem with someone that tries to break into MySQL.

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