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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 25 1999 6:15am
Subject:install_db script on linuxppc (yellowdog)
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>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Schaap <paul.schaap@stripped> writes:

Paul> David,
Paul> What you must do is comment out the whole LFS section in the configure
Paul> script
Paul> and recompile again ! It works perfectly ! I am not certain but you may
Paul> want to uninstall
Paul> mysql first and start with a clean slate, as I seem to recall when this
Paul> issue first occurred
Paul> in the late 3.22's for some odd reason I had to delete the whole source
Paul> directory and start
Paul> afresh before it would work correctly. Since then I've never had a
Paul> problem.

Paul> Also yellowdog do have some pre compiled RPM's somewhere on their site.

Paul> Also if you have alot >180Mb RAM you may want too look into compiling
Paul> with high
Paul> optimisation (06) for a 11% performance improvement. I haven't done it
Paul> yet myself as
Paul> my G3/450 only has 128 Mb, I'm arranging more :-)

Paul> Paul


Just a note:

The above problem is a glibc 2.0 problem and we are just now adding checks
to automaticly detect this in the next MySQL distribution.

install_db script on linuxppc (yellowdog)Paul Schaap25 Sep
  • install_db script on linuxppc (yellowdog)Michael Widenius25 Sep