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From:Nils Valentin Date:June 9 2003 11:44pm
Subject:Re: arrangement of fields in a table
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Hi Mohitaba,

Sounds to me that it makes sense to put the important 8 fields at least in a 
separate table to speed up any SELECT requests.

You may even consider putting a copy of the small table containing only the 8 
fields into the memory as a heap table ( if they are not containing any blobs 
or text variables) if your access trend is going to be read only mostly.

Generally speaking a table with 100 fields I guess would slow down operation 
immensly if you put statements like

SELECT * FROM tablename;

I would consider to spilt the data (if possible ) over several tables.

Best regards

Nils Valentin

2003年 6月 10日 火曜日 02:40、Mojtaba Faridzad さんは書きました:
> Hi,
> I need to define for example 100 fields in a table. 8 of them are more
> important and many queries just need these fields. Should I define them
> before the other fields in the table or it doesn't matter? Is accessing the
> the beginning fields faster than the other fields?
> thanks

Valentin Nils
Internet Technology

 E-Mail: nils@stripped

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