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From:Iago Sineiro Date:June 9 2003 2:33pm
Subject:RE: How to empty the cache?
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Sorry for the ambiguity. I'm testing the useful of adding indexes to one table for one
type of query. 

When I execute the same query for the second time it executes faster beacuse it's using
the cache (the key_cache or the query cache if it is enabled). Is it possible to empty the
key_cache (and also the query cache) without shutdown the mysql server?

Iago Sineiro.

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Hi Iago,

I am  unsure if I understand your question correctly, MySQL has a t least 5 
different chaches (to name only the most important ones).

evt. disc cache (memory)

or do you mean buffer variables ?


I guess if you lookup any of the variables above you will quickly sort out the 
ones which applies to your question and the ones that don't.

Sorry, but with the information given I am unable to be more precise.

Best regards

Nils Valentin

2003年 6月 9日 月曜日 19:30、Iago Sineiro さんは書きました:
> Hi.
> I'm doing some testings and I want to know how to empty the cache in mysql
> (versions 3.23 and 4.0) between the differents tests.
> Iago Sineiro

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