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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 5 1999 12:08pm
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>>>>> "Mysql" == Mysql mail list <mysql@stripped> writes:

Mysql> hello all
Mysql> I have such question:
Mysql> I use "GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON database.* TO nobody@localhost
Mysql>            IDENTIFIED BY 'something' WITH GRANT OPTION;"
Mysql> to grant privilege to user nobody from localhost to database "database"
Mysql> now, I want to remove this, ex. I don't need more user nobody to have
Mysql> access to database "database".
Mysql> which command should I use to remove this from mysql privileges system?

Mysql> any help will be apreciated.


REVOKE ALL PRIVILEGES ON database.* from nobody@localhost WITH GRANT OPTION

This will leave the user 'nobody' with the the password 'something' in 
the user table, but without any privileges.

If you also want to remove this, you have to do:

delete from mysql.user where user='nobody' and host='localhost';
flush privileges;

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