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From:Fernando Ulisses dos Santos Date:April 5 1999 12:12pm
Subject:Re: Selecting top level domains
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select * from domainlist where locate("/",domainfield)=0

this will list all the domains that don't have the "/"

hum ? you have some domains that have a "/" at the end, ok:

select * from domainlist where locate("/",domainfield)=0 or
(right(domainfield,1)="/" and locate("/",domainfield)=len(domainfield))

maybe you have to complement the last argument with a -1 or +1, I'm not
sure about it

Fernando Ulisses dos Santos
Linkway ISP Network/Linux Admin

On Sun, 4 Apr 1999, Adam Powell wrote:

> Hi there, I wish to write a SELECT statement to process a list of urls
> (without the leading http://) to find top level domains, ie those like
>,, and not those with a subdirectory
> such as  What is the syntax of doing this?  I have
> tried a few things but cannot get it to work.
> Thanks,
> Adam
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