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From:Vivek Khera Date:September 24 1999 3:09pm
Subject:Re: ISD file size
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>>>>> "TS" == Thimble Smith <tim@stripped> writes:

TS> At 23:38, 19990923, Cliff Addy wrote:
>> No joy, just "ERROR: parse error near 'optimize table history' at line 1"

TS> Sounds like you're using an older version of MySQL.  You can do something
TS> like this:

mysql> LOCK TABLES history READ;

TS> Now, keep that client open so that you don't lose the lock, and in another
TS> shell (as root), do:

This only works if you have skip-locking turned on in mysqld (which is
apparently required on toy operating systems).  Otherwise, isamchk
waits for a lock to be released.

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