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From:Bill Doerrfeld Date:June 4 2003 10:29pm
Subject:[Correction] MySQL List Stats for May, 2003
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Please ignore my prior post on this. The numbers were wrong as it 
turned out I inadvertently based a portion of the report on numbers 
from June, 2003. Please find below the correct report.

As some of you know, we host the MySQL list searchable archives at as a free service to the MySQL community. To access 
said archives, visit <>. The 
archives not only allow you to search on various fields of 
information (body, date, subject, author, etc.) and to view threads, 
but, we keep lots of stats, including the number of searches 
performed and a log of all search terms used when accessing the 
archives. You can see what other people are searching about!

Here are the stats for the MySQL list for May, 2003. You can see 
these updated every 1/2 hour by clicking the Browse tab at



MySQL List Archives Stats
May, 2003

Note: Up/Down % as compared with April, 2003

Posts: 2398 (down 9%)
Authors: 669  (down 13%)
Threads: 846 (down 10%)

Top 20 Contributors by Number of Posts
Egor Egorov 	65
Victoria Reznichenko 	61
Jeremy Zawodny 	61
Mike Hillyer 	57
Paul DuBois 	43
Curtis Maurand 	39
Stefan Hinz 	34
Heikki Tuuri 	33
James Moe 	29
Dan Nelson 	28
Keith C. Ivey 	27
colbey 	27
Becoming Digital 	27
Daniel Rossi 	25
Nils Valentin 	24
Dathan Vance Pattishall 	24
gerald_clark 	23
Martin Gainty 	20
Michael T. Babcock 	19
Karam Chand 	19

Top 20 Threads by Number of Posts
How to fill an Blob with binary data 	24
MySQL stupid mailing list format 	15
AMD 	15
Select statement driving me crazy 	14
replace 	14
storing large files in blob... 	13
Red Hat rpms... 	13
count() 	13
a database design question.... 	13
problem with C and mysql 4 	12
Slow queries on 4.0.13, FreeBSD 4.8 STAB... 	11
Replication 	11
Practical samples for table types 	11
Need your help in setting up database. 	11
Mysql failover configuration 	11
How to write this query pls? 	11
changing mysqld deamon ownership. 	11
Version 5.0 and Stored procedures 	10
Unexpected empty table performance probl... 	10

Top 20 Search Terms by Number of Requests
mysql 	39
table 	29
Error 	22
to 	20
update 	18
tables 	15
case 	13
replication 	12
connect 	12
FILE 	11
Server 	10
access 	10
socket 	9
query 	9
list 	9
how 	9
failed 	9
denied 	9
can't 	9
aix 	9


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