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From:Paul DuBois Date:June 3 2003 5:17pm
Subject:Re: C API
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At 18:45 +0200 6/3/03, Vincent.Badier@stripped wrote:
>I'm trying to code a small C client, under windows, with bloddshed Dev-C++,
>and i always get an error.
>/* Code */
>#include <conio.h>
>#include <stdarg.h>
>#include "winsock.h"
>#include <stdio.h>
>#include <stdlib.h>
>#include <string.h>
>#include <mysql.h>
>int main(void) {
>    MYSQL* toto;
>    toto = mysql_init(toto);
>/* this is the compler log */
>Compiler: Default compiler
>Executing  gcc.exe...
>gcc.exe "U:\mep\Dev\abr.c" -o "U:\mep\Dev\abr.exe"
>-I"C:\Dev-Cpp\include"  -I"C:\mysql\include"   -L"C:\Dev-Cpp\lib"
>C:\DOCUME~1\badier1\LOCALS~1\Temp/ccW8aaaa.o(.text+0x1d2):abr.c: undefined
>reference to `mysql_init@4'
>Execution terminated
>I really don't know where this can come from. I downloaded the latest
>production mysql server (to get the client and libraries), but nothing i
>tried correct the problem.
>Any idea?

Does that command list the directory where the MySQL client library
is located, so that the compiler can find it?  -L"C:\mysql\lib\opt"
or -L"C:\mysql\lib\debug" perhaps?


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