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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 24 1999 8:22am
Subject:RE: Error found on my_error.c
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>>>>> "Narvaez," == Narvaez, Teresa <Teresa.Narvaez@stripped>
> writes:

Narvaez,> Hello,
Narvaez,> 	Thanks for the response; I am running gcc version 2.8.1 is this too
Narvaez,> old
Narvaez,> of a compiler?   

Narvaez,> Thanks, 
Narvaez,> -Teresa

Narvaez,> Hi!

Narvaez,> Sasha did accidently give you a wrong command;  It should have been
Narvaez,> -70 and not -50.

Narvaez,> Anyhow, the wrong row is the following:

Narvaez,> 	par = va_arg(ap, char *);

Narvaez,> This means that varargs doesn't work with your gcc compiler, which
Narvaez,> isn't normal. Which gcc version are you using and can you possible try 
Narvaez,> to upgrade this to gcc 2.95.1 ?

Narvaez,> Regards,
Narvaez,> Monty

gcc 2.8.1 should be good.  In this case it may be wrongly installed as 
varargs doesn't work.

My suggestions is to try install gcc 2.95 instead (just to check if
this is an installation problem)

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