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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 5 1999 8:56am
Subject:SCO compilation problem
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>>>>> "Sergio" == Sergio A Tkachenko <serg@stripped>
> writes:

Sergio> I have gcc 2.8.1 on my SCO Open Server 5.0.2
Sergio> And I got the following problem during configure:
Sergio>  it couldn't correctly check sizeof( char ), sizeof( int ), etc ...
Sergio>  moreover, I think that all test configure programs are compiling or
Sergio> running a bit 
Sergio>  incorrectly because when I tried to compile and run some of failed
Sergio> programs which I got 
Sergio>  from config.log with gcc, everything was OK.
Sergio>  And one more tip: SCO has own libx library where functions like chsize
Sergio> are located.

Sergio> Now I managed to work around these errors and configure MYSQL for
Sergio> compilation on SCO
Sergio> But I really don't know will it compile and work or no :-( .

Sergio> Hope you'll help me,
Sergio> Sergio A. Tkachenko

Sergio> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Sergio> Please check "" before
Sergio> posting. To request this thread, e-mail mysql-thread1411@stripped


The configure script has only been tested with the Skunkware
distribution of gcc.

If you get problems with sizeof(char) in configure, this usually
always means that your compiler doesn't work or is wrongly configured.

As you haven't provided enough information of what error messages you
got, it's very hard to say what's wrong!

You can find information how to do a correct bug report at:

PLEASE read the above before reposting your question, this will save us all
a lot of time!

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