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From:Martin Ramsch Date:September 24 1999 4:57am
Subject:Re: about tables ...
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On Fri, 1999-09-24 06:24:22 +0200, Bart Zylowski wrote:
> I have just a little question about tables in Mysql.
> Is it better to have more tables with less fields or less tables
> with more fields?

This question isn't really MySQL specific, but you address the broader
field of good (relational) database design in general.

I found some web pages that might be useful:

- Database Tutorials Menu
  <URL: >

- Designing a Database -- Understanding Relational Design
  <URL: >
  <URL: >
  <URL: >

The short answer to your question is:
  Neither many nor few fields per table is good, but the right fields!
  Every table should be about only _one_ subject, and then should hold
  all fields to describe this subject.

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