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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 23 1999 9:12pm
Subject:RE: Error found on my_error.c
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>>>>> "Narvaez," == Narvaez, Teresa <Teresa.Narvaez@stripped>
> writes:

Narvaez,> Hi, 
Narvaez,> 	The MySQL version is 3.22.26a.  Here is the output as requested. 
Narvaez,> Thanks, 
Narvaez,> -Teresa

Narvaez,> narvaez@faadev1:client [49]: head -50 my_error.c | tail -20
Narvaez,>   if (nr / ERRMOD == GLOB && errmsg[GLOB] == 0)
Narvaez,>     init_glob_errs();

Narvaez,>   olen=(uint) strlen(tpos=errmsg[nr / ERRMOD][nr % ERRMOD]);
Narvaez,>   endpos=ebuff;

Narvaez,>   while (*tpos)
Narvaez,>   {
Narvaez,>     if (tpos[0] != '%')
Narvaez,>     {
Narvaez,>       *endpos++= *tpos++;       /* Copy ordinary char */
Narvaez,>       continue;
Narvaez,>     }
Narvaez,>     if (*++tpos == '%')         /* test if %% */
Narvaez,>     {
Narvaez,>       olen--;
Narvaez,>     }
Narvaez,>     else
Narvaez,>     {
Narvaez,>       /* Skipp if max size is used (to be compatible with printf) */
Narvaez,> narvaez@faadev1:client [50]: pwd


Sasha did accidently give you a wrong command;  It should have been
-70 and not -50.

Anyhow, the wrong row is the following:

	par = va_arg(ap, char *);

This means that varargs doesn't work with your gcc compiler, which
isn't normal. Which gcc version are you using and can you possible try 
to upgrade this to gcc 2.95.1 ?


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