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From:Daevid Vincent Date:May 29 2003 9:19pm
Subject:RE: my backup script
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Whoa. Easy there killer. First, it's kinda uncool to accuse me of
spamming when I sent it one time to three separate lists all relevant:
SVLUG, RedHat and mySQL. Just because YOU are on multiple lists, doesn't
mean that others are. This is hardly 'spamming'. Then on top of that,
you sent your *opinion* to a public list as well, instead of directly to
me. Talk about poor netiquette. This forces me to reply public ally to
defend myself.

Second, my script is hardly spam. It is highly useful for both daily
Linux system backups as well as mySQL database backups -- extremely
relevant to all lists. The reason to send it to the mySQL list is
obvious as 1/2 the script is for backing up mySQL db's intelligently. I
sent it to SVLUG, as there are many of my friends on there and I still
consider that my main Linux list. Then I sent it to the redhat list
because someone had just posted that they were looking for a good backup
script, and I was replying to that. Not to mention an excellent example
of bash shell scripting that contains multiple examples of code that I
had to scour the web for -- now someone else could cut/paste out the
parts they need to do a different task.

So, you can escalate this into a flame war Jeremy, or you can retract
your rude statement by apologizing and let it be bygones...

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> > > Ps. And yes, I sent that as a link in my resume because 
> I'm unemployed
> > > and would love any offers for coding work with PHP, 
> Linux, SQL, etc...
> > > ;-)
> > 
> > Well, if you're gonna pimp your resume here, I'll respond
> > similarly. :-)
> > 
> > We use lots of PHP and MySQL at Yahoo!  Visit 
> to search
> > for current engineering openings.  If you apply, make sure to note
> > that I referred you.
> On second thought, you seem to be spamming mailing lists.  Please do
> not apply.
> Jeremy
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