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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 23 1999 9:30pm
Subject:Column Name needs to be Limit
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>>>>> "Candas" == Candas Internet Services <support@stripped>
> writes:

Candas> Hi
Candas> I'm using a Program which expects the column Name to be named Limit. As
Candas> limit is a keyword in MySQL I get errors when trying to setup the Table and
Candas> Columns
Candas> with CREATE TABLE Users (Limit INT(11)); Command.

Candas> Does somebody knows a solution ?

Candas> Christophe Schneble
Candas> Candas Internet Services


Tree options:

Patch the application program.
Rename LIMIT to TOP in the MySQL source
Use the full table syntax when you create / access the limit field:

CREATE TABLE Users (Users.Limit INT(11));

Column Name needs to be LimitCandas Internet Services23 Sep
  • Column Name needs to be LimitMichael Widenius24 Sep